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About Waterpolo

Waterpolo is a competitive team sport played in the water - It is a game of endurance and teamwork. The sport is played between two teams each having six outfield players, one goalie, and up to six substitutes. Sandycove has junior, senior and masters teams. You don't have to be a very good swimmer to start out and we welcome all ages to the club! 

Junior Waterpolo

Sandycove has multiple junior teams. We have under 10s, 13s, 16s and under 19s teams. The junior teams are currently being coached by the head coaches Colin Creagh and Paul Kehoe. 


Our main place of training is in the pool in Blackrock College. If you or your kids would like to join, just email Colin Creagh ( or Paul Kehoe ( and pop down to one of the training sessions ! 

Training times are below, as well as the junior submission form if you decide to join the team after coming to one of our sessions. 

Junior Training Times

Blackrock College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
3 - 4 pm Saturday
Blackrock College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
8 - 9 pm Tuesday
Blackrock College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
1 - 2 pm Sunday

Senior Waterpolo

Sandycove has a national division 1 team (seniors team) and a national division 3 team (masters team). 


If you would like to join please contact either Eoin Doyle or Barry Murphy, either by email/telephone (below) or through one of our social media pages. 

Eoin Doyle: 00871804678 

Barry Murphy:

Senior/Masters Training Times

Trinity College Sports Centre, St. Pearse Street
8 - 9 pm Friday
National Aquatic Centre, Dublin 15.
8 - 10 pm Tuesday
National Aquatic Centre, Dublin 15.
8 - 10 pm Wednesday
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